Pets are part of the family but they sure can be tricky to photograph! Here are some of our best tips!


Get close up photos

Pets can be of various shapes and sizes so you need to take close up photos in order to fill the frame! You can use a camera with a zoom lens. You should take the snaps while you play with your pet; otherwise, your pet might get scared.


Be playful

You can include the pet’s toys and treats so that the photography session turns out to be something fun. You can make funny gestures or noises to get the reaction from your pet. You should be persistent. Your pet will eventually listen to your instructions.


Don’t use the flash

If you have a camera that lets you point the flash away from the subject only then use a flash. Otherwise, you will have a picture with red eyes. You should always use natural daylight. The picture will turn out to be much better. You can take the photographs when your pet is sitting near a window.


Focus on the eyes

You should focus on the eyes to take the best photographs. If you are not in focus, your picture will be wasted. You should know the focus point that is active. If you let your camera control it, it will focus on something that is closer to the camera which may be the pet’s nose. So, don’t let the camera control it.

Use these tips to take amazing photos of your pet. Another thing you should remember is to take photographs from your pet’s level; that is, you need to get down low. With some practice, you will be able to take great photos of your pet.